TUJJAAR Group is an energetic and dynamic group that has established itself as one of the most efficient traders and service providers in Pakistan. We understand that the outcome of every project depends on the strengths and expertise of the team charged with carrying it out. Our contacts, expertise, and know-how allow us to establish economies of scale that can't be achieved even by the largest companies in the world.


TUJJAAR Group focuses on developing innovative ways to fulfill client needs. The strength of the executive team's extensive experience gives us the capacity to manage even the most complex technical, logistical and commercial aspects of a project.


TUJJAAR Group is representing international manufacturers, companies and agencies as an exporter, importer, wholesale, and distributor. We have established long and stable cooperation with companies in Pakistan, the Middle East and other countries of the world.


TUJJAAR Group is dedicated to the achievement of excellence in all of its activities. This objective of excellence demands the highest level of quality, integrity and professionalism in the selection and organization of products and services, as well as in the achievement and maintenance of positive business community relations.









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