M A R B L E   &   G R A N I T E


Marble and granite is one of the core business areas of TUJJAAR Group. Since it is family business since last many decades, TUJJAAR Group has sound performance in providing A to Z in it.


Located in the heart of Asiaís biggest marble & stone market, Mangopir Road Karachi. TUJJAAR Group welcomes you to visit and see the best quality of marble and stones of Pakistan and from other countries.


TUJJAAR Group is engaged in processing of natural stones in the varieties of Slabs, Tiles, Kitchen Tops, Work Tops, Pavers, Monuments as well as Cobblestones in magnificent designs and patterns.

Granite: We are processing and exporting our Granite gang saw size random slabs & in custom cut sizes for floor and wall coverings in commercial as well as residential complexes.


Marble: We are processing and exporting marble gang saw size slabs for floors, walls, and counter tops. Marble Slabs are available in all sizes and thickness. We specialize in creating marble slabs suitable to your needs.


Sandstones: We are processing and exporting sandstone for residential buildings as well as commercial buildings. Using sandstone slabs as an outer wall covering has proved to be a highly cost-effective building material, it does not require any maintenance.


Any sort of cut to size jobs in marble and granite can be carried on as per your project specification and designs in large quantity in short span of time.

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