Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Hello and welcome to TUJJAAR Group of Companies.

The song 'One size fits all' is out, today personalization is the keyword and everyone is looking for that unique commodity, which is specifically meant for them.  And this is the one of the major factors to success.

TUJJAAR Group is formulated with the specific vision of providing practical cost-effected, business-driven solutions to its clients. We, at TUJJAAR, know how technology affects performance, the environment, safety and the bottom line.

We stand out in the market due to our hands on marketing and operational experience in the field of import, export, signage needs, large-format printing machines distribution, marble, aluminum composite panels and other market requirements.

As a result of our innovative product portfolio and broad country-wide sales, service and distribution capabilities, TUJJAAR Group is known as “leading brand”.

I hope that we will have an opportunity to work with you.

Muhammad Tariq Mustafa

Chief Executive Officer

TUJJAAR Group of Companies

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